2024 HBCU Careers Magazine

Front Cover
Front CoverFront Cover
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, McCoy's Building Supply, Medline, Green Bay PackersInside Front Cover
Welcome Letter1
Table of Contents2
Career Opportunities3
Meet Our Contributors4
Meet Our Contributors (cont)5
Researching Employers7
Researching Employers (cont)8
Researching Employers (cont)9
Constructing an Effective Resume10
Constructing an Effective Resume (cont)11
Constructing an Effective Resume (cont)12
Action Words13
10 Tips to a Great Looking Resume14
Common Resume Mistakes/Resume Checklist15
Video Resumes16
Chronological Resume Sample17
Poorly Constructed Resume Sample18
Poorly Constructed Resume (cont)19
Functional Resume Limited Work Sample20
Functional Resume Limited Work Sample (cont)21
Electronic and Scannable Resume22
Scannable Resume Sample23
Featured Employers25
Rome City Schools (GA), Louisa County Public Schools (VA), MUSC Medical Center26
Duke Health, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GA), McCoy's Building Supply27
Dubuque Community School (IA), Carteret County Public School System (NC), Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Des Moines Public Schools (IA)28
Milwaukee Public Schools (WI), St. Mary's County Public Schools (MD), Cumberland Valley School District (PA)29
Writing Effective Cover Letters31
Application Letter Model32
Application Letter Sample33
Thank You Letter Model34
Thank You Letter Sample35
How to Conduct an Online Job Search36
How to Conduct an Online Job Search (cont)37
How to Conduct an Online Job Search (cont)38
Healthcare Careers, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)39
Medline, Duke Health40
Duke Health41
Career Fairs42
Career Fairs (cont)43
"Why is my Job Search so Difficult?" - By; Amy Soricelli44
Why is my Job Search so Difficult (cont)45
Strategies for Successful Interviewing46
Interview Preparation47
Traditional Interview Questions48
Behavioral Interview Questions49
Questions to Ask the Interviewer50
"The Transition from College to Career"- By: Simone M. Campbell51
Business Professional Attire - Men52
Business Professional Attire -Women53
Business Casual Attire - Men54
Business Casual Attire - Women55
"Building Resilience: Overcoming Setbacks and Rejection in Your Career Journey" - By: Micaela Morris, Purpose Alignment Consultant56
Transitioning to the Workplace57
Transitioning to the Workplace (cont)58
Transitioning to the Workplace (cont)59
List of HBCU's60
Education Careers61
Cumberland Valley School District (PA), Berkshire School (MA), Minneapolis Public Schools (MN)62
Tucson Unified School District (AZ), Carteret County Public School System (NC), Los Angeles Unified School District (CA)63
Denver Public Schools (CO), Milwaukee Public Schools (WI), Parkway Schools (MO), Gwinnett County Public Schools (GA)64
Dubuques Community Schools (IA), Clark County Schools (NV), Olentangy Local Schools (OH), Tangipahoa Parish School System (LA)65
Henry County Public Schools (VA), Des Moines Public Schools (IA), Orange County Schools (NC), Newton County School System (GA)66
St. Mary's County Public Schools (MD), Louis County Public Schools (VA), Harrisburg School District (PA), Waynesville R-VI School District (MO)67
Sioux City Community Schools (IA), Waterbury Public Schools (CT), Rome City Schools (GA)68
Phillips Exeter Academy (NH)69
Evaluating Job Offers70
Notes Page72
Phillips Exeter Academy (NH)Inside Back Cover
T-MobileBack Cover

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