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Resume Content Every resume is as unique as the individual that created it. Use the following information as a guideline to constructing your resume. Be sure to take a look at the sample resumes that appear on the following pages to give you ideas when constructing your own resume. We also suggest you visit your career services office for additional information.

Contact Information List your name, address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address. Be sure your e-mail address sounds professional or neutral. If necessary, set up an alternate screen name to use for business contacts exclusively. Above all, make sure that any potential employer can easily contact you. Other personal information such as religion, age, marital status, etc. should not be included. Objective There are differing viewpoints as to whether an objective will help or hurt your chances in the job market. One school of thought is that an objective is not necessary because it can be limiting and that the absence of an objective will give your resume a broader appeal. (NOTE: While including an actual objective statement on your resume is optional having an objective for your resume is not. Regardless of whether you include an objective statement you still need to be clear about your employment goals!) Another viewpoint is that an objective is absolutely essential because it can convince employers that you know what you want to do and are familiar with the field. A well-written and well-focused objective can set the tone for your resume and allows you to position yourself as a strong candidate-especially when your resume is being compared with others that lack an objective or have an objective that is weak. If you decide to include an objective keep it focused and concise. An objective should focus on at least two of the following three categories: • Job type (such as Computer Programmer, Accountant, Teacher, Management Trainee, etc.) • Industry (such as High Technology, Retail, Finance, Human Resources, Non-profit, etc.) • Geographical Location (such as Midwest, Illinois or Chicago, Illinois area) Here are several good examples of resume objectives: Challenging position requiring organizational and leadership skills to coordinate fund-raising events in the Baltimore, Maryland area Position as clinical practice assistant for health maintenance organization utilizing research, writing and leadership skills Entry-level staff accountant position for a public accounting firm in Charlotte, North Carolina Ambitious management graduate willing to relocate seeks entry-level retail management position Here is an example of a poor resume objective: To obtain a position in an organization where I can utilize my experience and interpersonal skills to develop professionally with a growth-oriented company. The only additional information you may wish to include in your objective is what you can do for the employer. However, keep it brief.


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