2024 HBCU Careers Magazine


• Tailored, neatly pressed shirts or blouses . Tailored sweaters, twin sets and cardigans are also acceptable • Neatly pressed conservative pants or skirts in neutral colors such as black, brown, gray, navy, tan or khaki . If you choose to wear a skirt, it should come to at least knee length when standing • Polished closed toe or peep toe shoes in neutral colors with a low to mid heel height • Jewelry and scarves can add a polished touch, but remember less is more . Keep your choices simple and conservative

• Conservative hair style

• Keep your makeup subtle and natural

• Keep perfume to a minimum, wear deodorant, and keep breath mints on hand • Hands and nails need to be clean and neat . If you choose to use nail polish select a conserva tive color or clear polish . Stay away from nail art and excessively long nails



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