2024 HBCU Careers Magazine

HBCU Careers Magazine

Questions to Ask Yourself Now it’s time to get real. Ask yourself the following questions BEFORE you respond to a job posting or go on an interview. Your answers will let you know if you have done the right amount of research and taken the appropriate steps to prepare yourself for the application and interview processes. • Do my resume and cover letter reflect that I am a good match for the position for which I am applying? • Am I prepared to answer general questions about the employer and the position that may be asked of me during an interview? • What makes me “stand out” over other candidates that are applying for the same position?

REMEMBER - it’s your job to demonstrate to an employer why you are the right candidate for a position - not the employer’s job to try to figure our how you fit within their organization. Effectively researching the employer can help you determine how your skills, attributes and strengths can be an asset to the employer.

If you are applying to an online job posting, don’t just submit your resume blindly. Do a bit of investigating first. In most cases an employer will include an in-depth position description along with the qualifications they are seeking. Study this information carefully. Find out what the employer is looking for. Compare your qualifications, skills, and attributes against the position description. Do you see any matches? If so, be sure to communicate them in your resume and cover letter.


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