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Building Resilience: Overcoming Setbacks and Rejection in Your Career Journey By Micaela Morris, Purpose Alignment Consultant

In the face of tumultuous changes in the economy that have impacted industries such as media, retail, and technology, resilience becomes paramount. Whether grappling with illness, unemployment, pandemics, bereavement, political turbulence, or fluctuating markets, life presents a myriad of transformative moments. Amidst this turbulence, how does one summon the strength to rise each morning? It is through hope – the belief in better days ahead, the assurance that solutions are being pursued, and the conviction that current challenges are not permanent fixtures. Hope serves as a guiding light, fueling perseverance and fortitude in life’s uncertainties. Even matriculating through school or as you start your career journey we are faced with many setbacks and rejections. Some setbacks look like failing in classes, not understanding a specific subject, not having the support needed to push through, not having money to pay for lunch, a feeling of not caring, or boredom that constantly attacks you while in school. In your career, you

might find it hard obtaining interviews for the jobs you have favored, maybe you obtain interviews but can’t go further in the interviewing process, maybe you are not good with interviewing, or don’t know how to dress. It happens, but guess what? You are not the only one it is happening to. So what do you do to bounce back from these setbacks and rejection? You build resilience, just as you would start building a house, you would start with the foundation first. Take a look at the below strategies to help build resilience in your career and as you matriculate through school. Strategies for Building Resilience 1. Fortify your mind. Fortifying your mind is all about supplying it with positive, inspiring, motivating, rock solid strength. You can obtain this by building business acumen through books, podcasts, and videos. Also, reading literature that inspires you and stimulates contemplation. 2. Build a rock solid circle. If you have three friends that’s great, although two might suffice. As long as you have someone that can support you during challenging times, someone who offers guidance when needed. That person can provide invaluable advice, inspire you, motivate you, which is often needed when navigating life. 3. Set realistic goals. It’s great to have big goals but make sure you can obtain those goals. Break down your objectives into smaller, actionable steps. Begin by defining your short-term goals, followed by outlining your long-term aspirations. Follow this up by making an action plan with detailed steps on how you will reach the first milestone and so on. Additionally, consult your circle(network) on some of these steps to help keep you motivated and focused on the goal. 4. Have some compassion for yourself. Self compassion is very important to keep stress levels down, insecurities, and feelings of inadequacy. Applaud yourself when you accomplish small tasks, you deserve it! Also, take time for activities you enjoy such as eating your favorite foods, playing games, getting massages. These can help you relax and destress from the daily grind.


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