2021 Cal Maritime Career Guide

Career Pitch / Elevator Speech / 30-60 Second Commercial

These three terms, Career Pitch , Elevator Speech and 30-60 Second Commercial , all refer to the same technique. This technique, or marketing tool, is used during networking exchanges, interviews or when attending career fairs. The Career Pitch is an overview of your knowledge, skills, and accomplishments and can include your interests and future career goals as they relate to your internship or job search. To start, write out your key ideas and topics that you want to cover and then practice with a friend or career counselor so it sounds conversational. You can have several versions of a Career Pitch with each depending on the scenario and your audience.

EXAMPLE Hello, my name is__________. I am currently a junior at CSU Maritime Academy majoring in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs and working part-time in Campus Security. This role has enhanced my communication, management and leadership skills. In addition, I had an internship over the summer with XYZ Security Company where I worked in a team environment on a variety of new projects and initiatives. I am a member of Cal Maritime’s sailing team and study Martial Arts. My plan upon graduation is to seek a position within law enforcement.

Make sure you don’t sound too formal, too rehearsed or ramble! Stick to your time limit!

Social Media Websites and the Job Search

INFORMATION NEVER TO SHARE • Remove unflattering photos, videos and unfavorable comments—also check photos where friends have tagged you. • Delete and refrain from making negative comments about co-workers, peers or customers. • Don’t display your drug/drinking habits. • Never share intimate relationship details. • Don’t brag about skipping school or work, playing games or sleeping on the job. • Don’t refer to a company by name; they may get alerts when mentioned online.

GENERAL TIPS • Search your name online to see what comes up. Make sure that the real you is identified. • Are you too close to the situation? Get a second pair of eyes to look at your sites. • Follow the etiquette rules when seeking and maintaining connections via social networking sites. • Deactivate your accounts while job searching. • THE MOM RULE: If you would be embarrassed for your mother to see or read your information—delete it!


GET LINKEDIN Set-up your full profile now!

Job seekers are protected from being asked questions about identity, including religious affiliations, political views and sexual orientation. However, via social networking sites that have not been thoroughly scrubbed, employers can now find information that they are not allowed to ask you.

Use the site to research companies and recruiters prior to an interview. Find alumni or groups/connections that may be employed or have a link with the potential employer.



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