2022 HBCU Careers Magazine

HBCU Careers Magazine

Hit the Crease Watching Barry Sanders move gracefully on the football field making all of the other 11 players look like they have alligator arms, wearing cement shoes, and are stuck in quicksand, attempting to grasp any part of his jersey in a wasted attempt of a tackle, is a thing of kinesthetic beauty. To top it off, after avoiding countless number of initial tacklers, being able to see the gaps in the defense, he can hit the crease at full stride, stepping rhythmically easily down the field to score a touchdown. At some point in your career you will have a similar experience where everything will come together seamlessly, compensation, culture, and collaboration, enabling you to achieve your career goal. Like Barry, you will have the opportunity to display your talents with an organization that values you and fully compensates you for your contributions. So, I encourage you to hit the crease at full speed, go do meaningful and impactful work!


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