2019 HBCU Careers Magazine

HBCU Careers Magazine

Establish expectations with your supervisor. Schedule a time to talk to your supervisor or team lead to determine what you are expected to accomplish leading up to your first official performance review. This will help you to prioritize tasks, set goals, and identify opportunities for development.  It is also a good idea to determine the way in which you should solicit feedback on your performance outside of the planned review period(s).   Create a Routine. There will be people you encounter at work who appear to have it all together.  They carry themselves as if Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is based on them. One thing these people have in common is that they are strategic, proactive planners.  Your routine should start as soon as you turn off your alarm.  It can include things like meditation, prayer, eating breakfast, and going to the gym.  Decide if you will bring or buy your lunch and what time you will eat.  Add reminders to your calendar so that you take breaks throughout the day.  Get in the habit of meeting one person a week who is not in your immediate work group as means to expand your network.   Lastly, have fun! Before you know it, you’ll be one of the people that new hires view as having it all together.


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