2019 HBCU Careers Magazine

HBCU Careers Magazine

leadership roles hinge on your overall attitude. You may correspond with customers, clients, business contacts and co-workers via telephone and e-mail. When doing so, maintain a professional image and keep the following in mind: Communicating by Phone • Call during typical business hours. • Call from a quiet location, or reduce/eliminate background noise. • Notify people when they are on speaker phone. • Make sure voice mail messages are concise. Slowly and clearly state your full name, telephone number (extension, if applicable), name of your company and reason for calling. • Make sure your voice mail greeting is understandable and that you speak slowly when recording it. Communicating by E-mail • Write in complete sentences, and don’t use slang. • Use the subject line to specify the point of the message (not for informal greetings). • Structure your e-mails like a business letter and include greetings and closings. • Review the content of your e-mail to make sure the point of the message is obvious. • Be sure to proofread for grammar and spelling. Spellcheck is a helpful tool, but you also need to visually proof all documents.

Five Things NEVER to do on the Job

1. Do not act like a “know-it-all”. 2. Never gossip. It’s not only harmful to your reputation, but it’s harmful to the organization. 3. Do not make excuses for yourself if you miss a deadline, make a mistake or do not meet a goal. 4. Keep your personal life out of your professional life as much as possible. 5. Avoid excessive socializing with co-workers.


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