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• Listing a company’s name or contact information incorrectly or sending one company’s name to a different company altogether are costly mistakes to avoid. • Verbatim cover letter template phrasing Readers can tell when phrases are lifted from online or Microsoft Word templates. There are all kinds of negative associations that a reader can make about you as a person from this. Start from somewhere, but use your own words as much as possible. Put The Ultimate Cover Letter Tool Kit into Practice So how does one use her own words to put a cover letter with the right information? It certainly varies depending on the job, the expressed needs in the job description, your experience and the particulars of your “great greatness.” In any case, an example of a real job description excerpt and a subsequent cover letter that was developed, actually submitted, and for which an interview was extended follows. The elements that were most germane to the job for the applicant as well as most aligned to the applicant’s experience are in bold. Note the detailed and direct ways that those needs are addressed by the applicant, as well as how the words in the job description are matched in the letter. The letter and job description are stripped of references to a particular organization or role and edited to be used as a template that can be adapted, not copied (see previous “Things that are automatic red flags”)! Finally, whether a cover letter is optional or required, take the opportunity to become a person and not just a piece of paper to the reader. Let your “great greatness” and personality come through. Have some tasteful, conservative color elements to distinguish your cover letter from other submissions. You now have the tools to put together the ultimate cover letter. Happy writing! Duties and Responsibilities: Assist in organizational development through the completion of special projects and assignments including: compiling research on topics within the mission of the organization; writing grants, annual reports and newsletters; developing educational materials; planning events and various fundraising activities; performing assignments related to marketing, website and social media management; providing financial administration services; preparing minutes for board and committee meetings. Must possess strong oral and written communication skills. A working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Publisher and Excel are required. A working knowledge of social media applications as well as email marketing applications is beneficial. COVER LETTER TEMPLATE Link to PDF document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BweaXzF3kpnMVHQ1WnFZWldWbDA/ view?usp=sharing Additional Resources • https://www.themuse.com/advice/the-8-cover-letters-you-need-to-read-now • http://www.forbes.com/sites/dailymuse/2014/02/06/the-cover-letters-that-make-hiring-managers- smile-then-call-you/#20ca2e0058f5 ADDENDUM JOB DESCRIPTION


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