2017 HBCU Careers Magazine

Dear HBCU Forum Contributor: Thank you to all of the professionals from the college career services arena and private sector that have taken the time to share their knowledge and expertise with collegians and up-and-coming professionals. Your advice, wisdom and encouragement are invaluable. You may never meet those that you have helped by contributing an article to the HBCU Careers Magazine , but know that you have definitely made a difference, and for that we cannot thank you enough. We truly appreciate your commitment to making a difference and enhancing the professional and personal lives of students, alumni and young professionals as they embark on their journey from college to career. Sincerely, H B CU Careers

Dear Future Contributors: If you or someone you know has knowledge to share and would like to contribute to our next edition of the HBCU Careers Magazine please request submission information from ads@hbcucareers.com or contact us on HBCUcareers.com. We welcome all submissions and all articles will be included in the HBCU Forum regardless of being selected for inclusion in the magazine.


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